Below you will find information about our bio lecithin and REDLEC product range

RED has the world's first certified organic lecithin product you can count on in your application.

REDS’ Organic Lecithins are 100 % naturally. By the ecologically production cold pressing is used. Not only the lecithin is certified our complete process. In the process we extract the lecithin without the use of the chemical solvents hexane and acetone.


Our lecithin’s are certified organic under the EU- USDA’s National Organic Program.


Our lecithin is the orginal pioneering BIO lecithin available!

The REDLEC product-line offers the best selection of lecithin. Whatever your application is you can count on our lecithin in your formulations.

Thanks to the independent position of RED , we are able to offer the best lecithin available on the market. We provide this with a superior, cost-effective method for emulsifying your products.


Our product development and sales team are able to assist you selecting the best REDLEC lecithin product for your application. RED has experience in standardizing, blending and modifying lecithin’s.


REDLEC Lecithin- the Best Solution!


Bakery - releasing redlec assist to improve the release characteristic of your bakery product


Margarine REDS' lecithin prevents spattering and improves the flavour of your margarine


Chocolate our Bio lecithin is excellent to produce 100% Bio organic chocolate


Instant formulayou can experience the instantising effect of our lecithin in your bevarage application


Infant formulahigh-end lecithins are needed for infant formula. The best choise is our bio lecithin.


Animal Nutrition ask our lecithin specialists to find the best fit for your feed application


Pharma our Bio lecithin is an excellent fit for clinical food applications and for the production of softgels


Cosmetics for natuaral cosmetic our BIO lecithin can be used. Creams and lotions containing lecithin form thin films which are quickly absorbed by the skin


Technical our REDLEC lecithin has a high biodegradability. Redlec can be used in paints and varnishes. As well in leather manufacture our lecithin is a good choice

From Bio Lecithin to tailor-made lecithin

RED makes a difference in selection , service and satisfaction