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Lecithin is not just lecithin. Supplying bio lecithins and the REDLEC product line is just the beginning. Learn more about our work.


If you think all lecithin suppliers are pretty much the same, we have some good news for you. RED Lecithin products stands above the rest in selection, service, and satisfaction.

RED is a young and dynamic lecithin company. It’s our goal is to make high-quality lecithin more accessible to customers around the world in Food, Animal Feed and Pharma.


RED has many years' experience in producing, developing and marketing high quality lecithins. We have accumulated a great deal of knowledge in many areas of application.

Thanks to this wealth of experience, our sales- and technical managers are in an ideal position to help our customers decide on the best lecithin grade for their purpose or to develop and test a customer designed lecithin.

RED is a cooperation of lecithin producers and a team of experienced and dedicated lecithin people around the globe. The people involved have a great many years’ experience in manufacturing , marketing and product development of lecithin products. What makes us unique is the close cooperation with our partners and our passion for lecithin. RED’s core business is lecithin, because lecithin is not just lecithin;



We are a global supplier providing innovative solutions for your lecithin requirements. It’s our mission to be the customers’ first choice for high quality lecithin products.



We strive to continuously improve the quality and availability of lecithin products under the best service.

Cooperation with our customers and partners are key to our success. Our total concepts bring added value in production, production development , logistics and sustainability

We distinguish ourselves on quality and service.



RED is your partner in lecithin!

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