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Animal nutrition

Animal Feed

Animal feeding is more challenging than ever.

Due to increasing raw material costs and more sustainability lecithin is more and more used in animal diets.

REDLEC soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin and rapeseed lecithin are used in calf milk feeding, pets , poultry , piglets and pigs diets. In many feed diets lecithin is used for its nutritional value.

Animals cannot adequately synthesize the phospholipids they require for maximum performance. Therefore, phospholipids must be present in the animal’s diet.

Lecithin improves the digestibility of the animal.

We advise REDLEC soy lecithin available in non gmo and gmo or alternatively the REDLEC sunflower lecithin or rapeseedlecithin. RED Lecithin offers a wide range of standardized and specialty lecithins, including fluid and powdered products.


Pet food

REDLEC lecithin products are available for dog and cat diets. Lecithin is used as emulsifier and allowing oils and water to mix. Lecithin stimulates memory and learning ability.

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