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In frying margarine we advise our tailor made lecithin products, as well available as organic lecithin.With improved anti-spattering properties REDLEC soya lecithin, rapeseed lecithin and sunflower lecithin are the best choice.

Further our REDLEC lecithin assists you in producing a homogeneous product with excellent consistency and plasticity.



Lecithin is used in all kind of chocolate products for many years. REDLEC soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin and rapeseed lecithin improves viscosity and yield values in your production. As well for organic sunflower and organic soya lecithin we have products who will improve your production.

In chocolate coating we advise our customers to use our tailor made products. Please contact our sales and application team to assist you finding the right organic lecithin product.



For wheat flour REDLEC has developed tailor made non gmo soybean lecithin, sunflower lecithin and rapeseed lecithin. Our tailor made products have an improving effect on bread and pastry quality.

With higher polarity products available in non gmo lecithin and organic lecithin, RED Lecithin has a better performance in bread and pastry products.

REDLEC lecithin product range is your alternative for products like Datem of SSL. Our focus is the natural emulsifier REDLEC lecithin.



REDLEC soya lecithin, sunflower lecithin and rapeseed lecithin acts as anti-sticking agent. In REDLEC products will assist you in confectionery products where sugar and water are present.

If you are looking for an organic lecithin which have superior emulsifying properties we are ready to serve you with our tailor made product in liquid or powder form.



REDLEC sunflower lecithin, rapeseed lecithin and non gmo soybean lecithin are used in a wide variety of products in milk powders and cocoa powders. In instant products we advise to use our powder and liquid lecithin products to make your instant product more water-friendly.

RED offers a variety of lecithin product developed for instantizing both hydrophilic and hydrophobic.

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