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Lecithin is steadily gaining in importance in technical applications in industry because of its ready

biodegradability. Redlec lecithins are environmentally safe and have established a position for

themselves as surface active additives in a vast range of technical non-food products.

RED, has  developed a range of lecithin specialities with optimum technological performance.


Paints and varnishes

In this sector the general function of lecithin is to act as a wetting agent for pigments and to aid

their even dispersion in the binder. For this purpose RED have developed special lecithins with excellent wetting properties.

They prevent the formation of a compact sediment of pigment and make it easier to re-disperse the pigment before use. When several pigments are mixed, REDLEC lecithin prevents them from separating in the sediment, avoiding uneven dispersion and colour.


Leather manufacture

To turn hides and pelts into durable leather requires a number of processing steps. During tanning the leather has been conserved. In the subsequent fatting process the stiff leather is made smooth and supple. Here special REDLEC hydrophilic lecithins can be used as an effective fat liquor.

REDLEC Lecithins meets all the requirements made of other fatting agents such as sulphonated sperm oil derivatives:

-              Deep penetration into the tanned hide

-              Good fixation on fibres

-              Light-fastness

-              Low residual fat content in liquor

These examples will give you some ideas on how surfactant lecithins could solve some of your problems too.



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